Nice to get a video that makes you cry for something happy instead of so many sad things. Two little kids and their parents got a travel cot today from Kerrie Moor at the Hope Café. And they got it put up and the little boy is doing little roly polies over it onto his parents’ bed and giggling as is his little sister and his mum.
So lovely to hear laughter and see them having just fun like kids do.

It also drives home to me how some people when donating say ‘ oh it’s not much’ and similar things. Well it might be say a travel cot you don’t need but you have made someone’s day donating it, and the same for so many other donations too.

And because it’s all good quality stuff and well looked after it is lovely a parent can give something to their kids that shows the donor cared about them and understands how it feels to just want to look after your kids and protect them.

I’ve seen more photos of more families today there getting our donations and donations from other groups and it is really making a difference to those it goes to. It’s a symbol of unity and solidarity.