Long time no see

Our facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/uareuk has been our main place for updating and posting, but we have finally had time to get the website updated and a little prettier!

So to catch up with everything so far facebook is the place! And we will be posting here again too. So here we go:

Lots of packing done last week, aldi also saved us more banana boxes.

We are ready for the pallet leaving on Wednesday for Athens, just about!

We bought £240 of kids joggers and hoodies thanks to Wrexham One World Community Choir (this had been planned to spent on a fridge in rhodes but we finally gave up on that and redirected it immediately) and they are all onboard.

Friday we delivered a huge IKEA bag of clothes, shoes, coat and toys etc for a newly arrived 4 year old girl, we have stuff to still get for her parents but we prioritised children so got that straight out within a day of being asked.

Friday we also called to BAWSO for a family of three with no coats at all, it was freezing cold on Friday and so given location and immediate need we went to the charity shop and bought them fleeces and coats. I felt like crying afterwards as we still have needs to get for them (they are just arrived too, dispersed from Cardiff as the term goes) and trying to explain to someone we are busy doing the Athens pallet and just volunteers when they have next to nothing felt very lame and embarrassing.

Today (Monday) , we bought the first food stamps with the £70 we have had so far for the food distribution on the 12th December. We bought a few more pairs of socks for the Athens pallet and we bought some XS size pyjamas for an unaccompanied minor.

We dropped into the drop in and delivered shoes and coats for one family, school uniform and trousers for a student from St Christophers school (we went there and bought it last week) and the PJs for the young lad who is on his own here.

We caught up with a few people at the drop in and met the new Red Cross resettlement workers for Denbighshire.

lots of requests still to fulfil and we will try our best in next week or so once the Athens pallet has left and we can get to the unit again!



A group of people who have come together to collect and send donations to refugees in Lesvos Greece. This will also be ongoing to help local homeless shelters and other groups locally

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