Registered Charity as of October 2016 which we are all so pleased about. Registered charity number 1169738.

A humanitarian movement dedicated to helping refugees and those fleeing war, primarily at present focussing on assisting with aid to camps on Syria’s borders, to Lebanon, Greece (mainland and islands: mainly Chios and Tilos), Macedonia and in UK.

We are now called ‘United to Assist Refugees UK’, we started off as the Wrexham, Chester and Merseyside Refugee Donations Coordination Group. We are now encouraging people everywhere to get behind our projects to support those suffering the consequences of war and violence.

We are “United to Assist Refugees UK” on Facebook Click here to go to our Facebook Group

We have achieved a lot so far and we want to achieve much more. We have raised over £90,000 since we started in September 2015.

Below we have outlined our upcoming projects & fundraising. To see how we have helped so far you can read our blog page by clicking here.

Our next focus/ projects are:

1) Buy and send aid for food packs, hygiene packs and baby packs for refugees in Athens and the surrounding area;
2) Support Athens food aid for refugees with our new UAREUK wholesale account with a food wholesaler in Athens;
3) Pay the rent for the ‘Hope Cafe’ in Athens with rent and food/ clothing aid for refugees;
4) Send aid on containers bound for Greece, Syria and any other destinations where Syrian Refugees are in need of help
5) Reusable Sanitary Towel making project for members to send to Refugee women and girls;
6) Send aid to Chios in pallets;
7) Help with operation costs for refugee children as they present ;
8) Help Refugees in UK with aid/ needs including the Syrian Resettlement Programme.

– Talks to raise awareness about the refugee crisis
– More fundraising events
– Private Screening of ‘Flight of the Refugees’ by LA Director Elias Matar.

We have sent 2 x 40ft containers of aid from our warehouse and a hospital generator to Syria. We have funded kitchens in two Greek Islands, have sent tonnes of donations to Greece and Macedonia, we have visited and helped at camps in Macedonia and Slovenia. So far the fundraising total is approaching £90,000 since we began in September.

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