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Hope Cafe. Refugee Soul Food.

Maria says “Thank you” to UAREUK – United to Assist Refugees UK for her pushchair. Met this precious family today through Vicky Trapalis . Another story of sadness eased a little by the giving of Hope. We enjoyed burgers and icecream

Hope for Khiri – tortured by ISIS for over 2 years

18 months old when ISIS attacked Sinjar. This is little Khiri who is now 4 yrs old, a little innocent Yezidi boy subjected to such severe torture sustained over 2 and a half years by ISIS that they broke both his legs so he can hardly walk. They broke both arms and his nose. They bit his ear so badly he cannot hear through it, they kicked his stomach so often it is herniated and they cut his penis. Most of this in front of his mum. Arrangements are under way to fly him and his family out of Iraq for lengthy treatment to rebuild all they have hurt and broken.

He will need to have his legs re-broken to heal correctly & his ear can be improved with surgery but he will have to go though painful bone lengthening because his femur was so badly damaged that one leg is shorter than the other.
We have priced up flights (one connection) out of Iraq to Turkey then onwards with Pegasus Air for his parents & him & his two siblings. The cost is around at least £2000. We will aim for £2500 any surplus will go to the family or other Yezidi children.
Please help by donating at

Update on the appeal for Baraa

To everyone who gave to Baraa’s appeal, the little boy who lost his mum and baby brother in a tent fire in a refugee camp. Akeel has been to visit him and his dad today. We’ve raised over £600 towards the £5000 that worldcare raised and they will need ongoing to support him and his dad for at least couple years to come. Imagine going from a full family living a normal life to this. It’s why all our groups are so important because they find the people who aren’t getting help and help them


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CAN YOU HELP A 6 Year Old Boy to walk?
FLASH FUNDRAISER. Target £400 ($500) to help 6 year old boy Faisal walk. HE CANNOT MOVE ALONE WITHOUT IT.
Young Faisal has a disability affecting his feet. A group of volunteers have arranged all investigations at SAMs (Syrian American Medical Society) which have already been paid for. He has had physio but doctors confirm he needs an operation.
He has some speech problems which therapy is being sorted for. BUT HE NEEDS THIS OPERTAION ON HIS WORST AFFECTED FOOT.

Here is their story from his Mum:
“We were living beside Raqqa City Airport, there are a lot of barrels and bombing, I scared about losing my children, there were clashes between the regime army and free army. So i left my town and escaped to Lebanon in 2013. My neighbours told me that my house was destroyed but fortunately i am in Lebanon with my family. the father is gone they do not see him anymore”.

I have been speaking to Stefanie Ziervogl on this case. they need also funds to help him afterwards so we have agreed that we will try and fund half the operation so they can use some funds for food and rent too.

Please please help us to help him. We are waiting confirmation of surgery date.

Please if you can spare anything today donate using the ref ‘Help Faisal Walk’ in one of these many ways:

or by paypal to

Or by BACS in UK to:
Account Name: UAREUK
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-47-26
Account: 42663929

Or by international bank transfer outside of UK to:
Account Name: UAREUK
Bank: HSBC
BIC/ Swift Code: MIDLGB22
IBAN: GB49MIDL40472642663929

or on our BTDonate page:

Permitted pics from his mum with Faisal on the right of each photo.

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How lovely is this post? To everyone who funded the buggy appeal look at what a difference you’ve made to these little people and their folks. Thankyou! What a lovely way to start a sunny Saturday

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UPDATE – Please save Nejmeh’s sight

UPDATE – $1000 confirmed as transferred to Laser Vision Clinic in Tripoli so Nejmeh’s operation can go ahead. Thanks everyone. Will post an update when we have one. x

Nejmeh has already lost sight in one eye. If Nejmeh doesn’t get her op within 10 days she will lose the other eye and be BLIND. YOU CAN HELP SAVE HER SIGHT. PLEASE DON’T WAIT – DO IT TONIGHT. We will be paying the clinic directly. We need to help her. No – we have to help her.

If you prefer Paypal or direct bank transfer:
or direct in paypal to:
Or by bank transfer to: Account Name: UAREUK
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-47-26
Account: 42663929
Outside of the UK you can transfer to:
Account Name: UAREUK
Bank: HSBC
BIC/ Swift Code: MIDLGB22
IBAN: GB49MIDL40472642663929
Registered charity number 1169738




Just an update on Bara’a the little boy who lost his mum and brother when a heater accident resulted in their tent being engulfed in flames in the refugee camp.
Led by Worldcare Foundation and solidarity of groups raised funds for them. We are grateful for donors who raised £600 towards the total they raised of £5610.
His wounds on his hands have healed, he may need further surgeries. The Worldcare team coordinate with those over there and have helped with day to day stuff for them and support including rent on somewhere for them to live and try and recuperate.
Thanks so much for helping to help him xx

Child refugees in Europe ‘forced to sell bodies’ to pay smugglers

Child refugees in Europe ‘forced to sell bodies’ to pay smugglers

Drama refugee camp in north-east Greece

Documentary of the week – ‘Syria’s Disappeared’

‘Syria’s Disappeared’ is recommended as ‘Documentary of the Week’ in the latest Radio Times. Catch it on C4 next week, Thursday 23 March at 10pm. You can also read an interview with Mansour Omari inside the Radio Times.

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