What’s needed?

Unit 4, 6 Davy Way
Llay Industrial Estate
Llay, Wrexham
LL12 0PG
(turn in by SHARPS sign) drive to end of road take last right before roundabout and you’ll see a sign for Davy Way units and its yes just there first left turn.
What we are collecting at the hub based on needs at the locations we help:
-Trainers and crocs
– First Aid Kits and supplies
– Surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals/ other organisations
– Basic Medicines (Paracetamol/ Ibuprofen/ Cough Meds/ Diarolyte/ Calpol (inc own brands)
– Socks (new only) for all ages
– Packs of new underwear
– Comfort Bras (all sizes)
– Reusable Sanitary Towels
– Reusable Nappies
– Fabric, sewing threads/ cottons, sewing boxes, sewing machines
And hygiene pack items:
Adults’ toothbrushes
Children’s toothbrushes
Hand towels (new only)
Sanitary towel
Bar of soap
Shampoo 2 in 1 (preferably with a small piece of packing tape covering the top, to prevent spillages in transit)
Adult toothpaste
Kids toothpaste
Nail clippers
Box of plasters (box of assorted shapes/sizes – alternatively, if sending a box of one big strip, please include a pair of small scissors for cutting to size)
Hairbrushes (new only)
Hair bobbles (new only)