Our motto, our passion: Community, Humanity, Solidarity

Registered charity number 1169738 since October 2016.


A grassroots humanitarian movement dedicated to helping refugees and those fleeing war, focussing our limited resources in Greece, Iraq, aid to Syria and the UK.

Since the beginning we have raised close to £200,000 plus taken in over £400,000 worth of aid (new and second hand).

We buy aid overseas, buy medical equipment and send, we have helped rebuild the children’s ward at Sinjar hospital in Iraq, we buy aid wholesale in UK and send overseas, we fund small projects like purchasing an item to help someone make a living or buying wheelchairs for people who have lost limbs or have life changing injuries, we run a a drop in locally in North Wales for refugees and asylum seekers and we are part of the Wrexham Town of Sanctuary coalition.

Now called ‘United to Assist Refugees UK’, we started off as the Wrexham, Chester and Merseyside Refugee Donations Coordination Group. We are now encouraging people everywhere to get behind our projects to support those suffering the consequences of war and violence.

We are “United to Assist Refugees UK” on Facebook Click here to go to our Facebook Group

Our focus/ projects are:

· Sending aid (and funds when we can) to the main Athens hub ‘Pampiraiki’ distributing aid to refugees, groups in Athens supporting refugees in Athens and the islands

· Medical cases/ operations and medical equipment

· Syrian Resettlement Program (UK) welcome packs and provisions and local refugees/ asylum seekers POP up shop and food distributions

·Supporting empowerment projects, whether buying a sewing machine for a refugee to run a small business or funding other ideas such as reusable sanitary towel workshops for refugee women

·Supporting adhoc requests and refugee projects in Greece, UK and Iraq and other countries 

We have sent 2 x 40ft containers of aid from our warehouse and a hospital generator to Syria. We have paid £6,000 to repair the children’s unit of Sinjar Hospital, Iraq after ISIS looted and severely damaged it, leaving the kids with no healthcare. We have flown children out of Iraq working in an international team to get surgery or be reunited with mum. We have funded kitchens in two Greek Islands, have sent tonnes of donations to Greece, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere and we have visited and helped at camps in Macedonia and Slovenia and in Athens.

PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM. Click below to donate to UAREUK
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Please have a look around the website as it details many ways you can help.

Thankyou x

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sirs,

    Very intetesting. So you have no paid management or employees ?

    You are all volentary, giving your time for free ?

    Legal advise, accountants etc ??
    So you use retired Solicitors and Accountants to advise and help you ?

    If this is the case, then you have restored my faith in the “charity money-go-round” and I will donate and help.

    Thanks, Richard.


  2. Hello can you tell me how I can get a Vodafone SIM card? It’s for a Ukrainian refugee who we are housing at my work, she is arriving with her daughter tonight. Thank you.


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