Our motto, our passion: Community, Humanity, Solidarity

Registered charity number 1169738 since October 2016.


A Wrexham based, grassroots humanitarian movement dedicated to helping refugees and those fleeing war and persecution.

Since the beginning we have raised over £300,000 plus taken in over £500,000 worth of aid (new and second hand). Aswell as more recently receiving grants and corporate support to help us help those who have been through loss, trauma, fear, persecution and lost their homes and communities.

We are currently creating a full list of all our projects during the last 8 years when we started life as a community group sending aid to Greece to help Syrian Refugees. Since then we have fed tens of thousands of refugees, funded surgery for injured children, rebuilt the children’s wing of Sinjar Hospital, Iraq with Sally Becker after the ISIS genocide, flown children out of countries for surgery, paid for evacuation buses in Ukraine and sent Medical Aid.

In 2022 we opened our long awaited Refugee Hub here in North Wales, that we all call ‘HOME’ which now supports over 300 people (including many many children) including a Ukrainian hub where many Ukrainians come daily.

We have: The 3 storey ‘HOME’ refugee hub, our new community Garden ‘Gardd Heddwch’ which means Peace Garden in Welsh, our aid unit where we take donations for the Hub and Ukraine. We have ESOL lessons each week in partnership with Family Friends, a new music and singing project in partnership with New Sinfonia Orchestra ad we work with many organisations and other refugee charities across North Wales to support each other for the one common goal. All children should feel they matter, people should have access to things that bring joy aswell as basic needs. We are more sort of humanity driven than service drive, you could say that is our niche, that was the gap and we filled it. Create, Communicate, never replicate! Wrexham has some great services and support out there and we are proud to play our part whilst acknowledging the vast experience and support base out there!

We are “United to Assist Refugees UK” on Facebook Click here to go to our Facebook Group

Ways to help:

· Donate from our needs list at our aid hub in Ruabon or buy from our Amazon Wish list

· Make a regular or one off donation to help our work

· Host us at your work place for a session on refugees and resettlement and/ or raise funds for us!

·Volunteer with us or at one of our events·

PayPal Donate Button

Please have a look around the website as it details many ways you can help.

Thankyou x

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sirs,

    Very intetesting. So you have no paid management or employees ?

    You are all volentary, giving your time for free ?

    Legal advise, accountants etc ??
    So you use retired Solicitors and Accountants to advise and help you ?

    If this is the case, then you have restored my faith in the “charity money-go-round” and I will donate and help.

    Thanks, Richard.


  2. Hello can you tell me how I can get a Vodafone SIM card? It’s for a Ukrainian refugee who we are housing at my work, she is arriving with her daughter tonight. Thank you.


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