Breadflour Appeal Challenge – Are you up for it?

We are looking for 40 groups (or individuals) to raise £187.50 each.

Ok so we want to help 30,000 families in Syria with bread for them and their children.

Sounds insurmountable right? The good news is its not. We can do this!

We are launching the appeal today and we already have 5 of our 40.

£187.50 feeds 750 families with bread. £187.50 x 40 is £7,500 to feed 30,000 families.

Thankyou so far to:

12321584_505260619661256_9157733311340803883_n1) Sheila Porter and friends
2) Small Change Charity Shop, Liverpool, L9 (Susan Martin)
3) UAREUK Foreign Currency Appeal (Batch 1)
4) Katrina Glassick
5) Alison Bate

One Nation distribute the bread to all those in need within Syria. xx


A group of people who have come together to collect and send donations to refugees in Lesvos Greece. This will also be ongoing to help local homeless shelters and other groups locally

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