We are continuing to tidy up the unit and have lots of clothes that still need sorting before we can open to donations again.

And we have food packs that need making. So please please do come and volunteer when you have the time to spare so you can help us. This is our plan of action:

– Sort the clothes from the cage and the unsorted bags around it into boxes and carry on breaking boxes down into age ranges e.g. 2-3. 3-4. 4- so we have no mixed boxes.

– JT order brown tape as we’ve getting through it like there’s no tomorrow!

– Make up more Athens food packs with the square boxes – list of contents in folder (soap powder leave out as so many have split we will bag up in ziplock bags and do in separate box)

– Box up next batch of rucksacks and put on to next Athens Pallet

– Sort undies packs into ages and put in a bag in the respective clothing box

– Identify any bits missing to make packs including packing, packing tape, bags etc.